Brad Prose grilling chiles and steak.

“I got bored with the same salt & pepper brisket. I was cooking more flavorful food for my wife, and simply got jealous. It was time to merge the two worlds.”



Having lived in Phoenix my entire life, I’ve always had a passion for authentic Mexican food. Meeting my wife reinforced that, as her family is from the state of Chihuahua. To bond with them, I immersed myself in learning the authentic ways to create fresh tortillas, salsas, mole sauces, and grilled meats, and more.

My wife was a vegetarian (yes, she “was”), and cooking for her was a unique challenge. While Mexican cuisine offered many options, I sought even more variety. My exploration of global foods—from Eastern Asia and India to North Africa and beyond—revealed a common, abundant ingredient: chile peppers. This discovery opened my eyes to countless possibilities.

As I leaned into global cuisines, I began substituting local chiles and experimenting with new flavor profiles. This experimentation brought a thrilling new direction to my barbecue.

No longer confined to traditional salt-and-pepper barbecue rules, I found that any flavors I discovered could be creatively applied to a wide range of meats and vegetables.

Chiles and Smoke was born.

Brad Prose signing cookbooks at a live event.


Chiles and Smoke has cultivated a dedicated readership by encouraging innovative approaches to grilling. Our strategy features brands using social media such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. We also create unique and exclusive content for brands to use on their own blogs, websites, and advertisement campaigns.

The most crucial aspect we consider in partnerships is the opportunity to connect with and provide value to our audience.

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