Ignite your grill and elevate your barbecue game with more than 65 unforgettable recipes that combine the big, bold flavors of chiles with smoke and fire.

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Steven Raichlen reviews the Chiles and Smoke cookbook.


It’s time to go beyond salt and pepper brisket! With Chiles and Smoke, professional recipe Developer and pitmaster Brad Prose delivers a BBQ book unlike any other. Spanning beefporkchickenseafood, and vegetables, each chapter also incorporates a variety of chiles, from spicy Jalapenos to bitter Shishito Peppers.

Brad walks you through how to char, grind, pickle, grill, and smoke chiles, demonstrating endless ways to liven up your meals. Sweet bell peppers are pickled with spices, topping mouthwatering meats and crisp vegetables. Fruity anchos are toasted, hydrated, and ground into pastes for flavorful marinades. Pork ribs are smoked slow and nestled into a stew of poblanos and bright vegetables before melting in your mouth.

Crank up the heat and bring these bold flavors to your next BBQ with the Chiles and Smoke cookbook!

Red chimichurri with coffee-crusted steak from the Chiles and Smoke cookbook.
Preview of cookbook recipes for the Chiles and Smoke cookbook.