spicy smoked ham salad

Flavorful update on the classic. Get your leftover ham ready!

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Why You'll LOVE Smoked Ham Salad




Smoke and heat. The addition of smoked ham along with smoky & spicy chipotle mayo really packs a punch of flavors.

Quick to make. Once you have the ham, this is a one-food-processor meal. 

Easily customizable. Don’t want chipotle? Skip it, or try other ingredients (such as gochujang) to mix into the mayo.

Smoked Ham

Make sure you pick through the ham to remove any larger, unwanted bits of fat before chopping.


chop chop

The best tool for the job is a food processor, which will chop the ham into perfectly-sized bits within a couple of minutes or less.


chipotle mayo

Add in the ingredients for the chipotle mayo. We might as well use the same tool to chop up the chipotle and blend.


Mix in the veg

Pulled apart all of the chicken and mix together, adding in your BBQ sauce as desired.



Sandwiches and crackers are the most common. Give blue corn tortilla chips a try, which pairs well with the southwest flavor profile.


Serving this on top of a buttery bun is the way to go, but not the only way. This smoked ham salad is also absolutely delicious as a dip!

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