Smoked Teriyaki



Sweet and smoky come together for these Teriyaki Pork Belly Burnt Ends. Cube them up or serve them on wooden skewers, either way, they won’t last long.

PORK BELLY PREP We sliced the pork belly in half, length-wise. Next, the pork belly was sliced into 1 1/2″ strips, knowing that they will shrink down during the smoking process.

PORK BELLY PREP Season generously with a pork rub (shown on next slide). Use a wire rack to assist with seasoning and transferring to the smoker as well.

SIMPLE PORK SEASONING – ½ cup brown sugar – ¼ cup salt – 2 tbsp black pepper – 2 tbsp paprika – 1 tbsp garlic powder

PORK BELLY BURNT ENDS You’ll need to use a smoker for this recipe. They are burnt ends for a reason! Preheat your smoker for indirect grilling, around 225-250F.

TERIYAKI SAUCE Homemade teriyaki sauce has to be one of the easiest, and tastiest versions of any storebought sauce I can think of. Mix everything together and stir, thickens in just minutes.

Psst... here's the recipe: – ½ cup soy sauce – ¼ cup brown sugar – 3 tbsp mirin – 1 tbsp fresh ginger grated – 2 garlic cloves grated – 1 tbsp honey – 1 tsp sesame oil – 1 tsp chili flakes – ¼ cup water mixed with 3 tsp cornstarch

BURNT ENDS After about 3 hours, we'll mix the teriyaki sauce, butter, and pork belly together in a foil pan. Wrap it tightly with foil, and place it back on the smoker for an hour or more.

GARNISH AND SKEWER Sesame seeds and green onions are highly recommended, but we kicked it up with some thinly sliced red chiles for that extra punch and color of course.

The full recipe and tips are in the link below! Hope you enjoy and give it a try.