Bacon-Wrapped Sausage Popper Boats

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Fire up these mouth-watering Bacon Wrapped Sausage Popper Boats in your smoker, filled with creamy pimento cheese and crispy jalapenos. Very simple to make, these are a guaranteed hit for your next feast.

Pork on Pork

6 full-length sausages, with casing 1 ½ cups Jalapeno Pimento Cheese  3 tablespoons Signature Sweet & Smoky Rub 1 sliced jalapeno 12 strips of bacon Recipes for pimento cheese & rub are on (link below)


Using a sharp knife, slice into the casing on one side of the sausage and open it up with your hands. Push the meat to the sides so it creates a little boat for the filling.


Fill each of the sausages with some pimento cheese, just enough to fill the void. Add slices of jalapenos.


Carefully wrap 2 pieces of bacon over each sausage. Use toothpicks if you need to hold the bacon in place. Season all sides generously with the spice rub.


Place the bacon-wrapped poppers in the smoker. If using a charcoal grill, place the poppers away from the coals using a 2-zone method of cooking. 


Cook them for 45-60 minutes until the bacon is crispy. This timing can vary depending on the bacon and grill, so use your eyes.


Remove them from the grill when they are ready to go. Make sure you claim yours before taking them inside to serve!