Hatch Chiles

The Spicy Season: A Guide For


Spicy Hatch chiles are a Fall favorite in the Southwest. You can’t go wrong with your choice to either roast them for salsas or stuffing them whole with meat and vegetables. This Hatch Chile Guide walks you through preparing, storing, and serving them.

You may be wondering, "What should I do with them?"

These seasonal chiles come from Hatch Valley in southern New Mexico, creating a passionate fan base throughout the state, Texas, Arizona, and southern California.

Rich flavors with a medium heat are what make these chiles so special.

You can certainly use them as-is, but to bring out the special buttery flavor that they are known for, roasting them is the key.

Roasting Hatch chiles happens to be the best way to prepare large batches for storage. Skinned and seeded, the chiles freeze extremely well for months at a time, allowing you to enjoy them throughout the winter.

Make sure you do not wash the Hatch chiles with water once peeled. This would remove natural oils and juices, reducing the flavor.

Cool them completely before you store them to reduce the chance for bacteria.

Try making Roasted Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

Simple recipe using tomatillos, sweet onions and herbs.

They can also be folded into a Hatch Chile Chimichurri

Freshly chopped herbs, oil, and spices create a bold sauce.

Skip the grill and try them roasted whole with Hatch Chile Rellenos

Stuffed with spiced pork, corn, and herbs, topped with cheese, and roasted slowly.

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