https://youtu.be/GLSMdp2uu1s Few Ingredients with Complex Flavors Studying global barbecue and grilling inspires so many new ideas. This technique is influenced by Japanese cuisine, opening up a new thought process for grilling. Triple-seared steak is exactly what it sounds like: Searing 3 different times, layering flavors while creating this savory juice bomb. There are a few chefs I’ve observed using this technique over the years. The first I came across was chef Aaron Patin, where he triple-seared steaks on a local morning show. Curious, I researched the process and the ties to Japanese BBQ. The process intrigued me, seeing how meats are glazed, seared, and glazed more with different flavors. Layering sweet, sour, and savory together creates this complex profile with few ingredients. I had to test it. Why triple-searing steak is a good idea You might feel this is unnecessary. Let me compel you to try it. Here’s a few…