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  • Chiles and Smoke Canyon Crust Beef Seasoning

    Canyon Crust Beef Seasoning


    Canyon Crust lives up to the name, creating an irresistible dark bark on the surface of your meat. This premium blend of coarse salt, cracked black pepper and garlic is like no other beef rub. The combination of ancho chiles and Korean chiles creates a smoky foundation, balanced with the tang of celery seeds. You will love it on steaks, brisket, ribs, burgers, and much more (even pork and seafood). Spice level is mild.

  • Combo Pack of Sedona Sand and Canyon Crust Seasonings.

    Combo Pack (Sedona Sand + Canyon Crust)


    Double down with both seasonings! This combo pack contains the spicy Sedona Sand All-Purpose Rub along with the coarse Canyon Crust Beef Seasoning, setting you up for a flavorful time at the grill. Not only will you get double the flavor, you’ll save money by ordering them together.

  • Chiles and Smoke Sedona Sand All-Purpose Rub

    Sedona Sand All-Purpose Rub


    One taste of this versatile rub and you’ll be salivating at the layers of heat, herbs, and spices. Sedona Sand
    tastes great with chicken on the grill, smoking pork ribs, or even roasting potatoes in the oven. This all-purpose rub can even be used as a simple seasoning for scrambled eggs or potato salad. Spice level is medium.