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If you’re craving bold BBQ and grilling recipes to kick up your menu, you’ve found the perfect spot. Chiles and Smoke features award-winning recipes for the grill and smoker, tried and tested, to help you be the best backyard cook possible.

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Brad Prose from Chiles and Smoke


Welcome! I’m based in Phoenix and have a deep passion for grilling, barbecue, and vibrant flavors from around the globe. Chiles and Smoke started as a way to document my thoughts and ideas, but it has evolved into so much more.

My journey began years ago, cooking flavorful global cuisine for my wife while smoking salt & pepper brisket for myself. Envious of the bold, spicy flavors she enjoyed, I decided to focus on fusing these two worlds.

Join me in exploring the exciting realm of global spice infusion through BBQ and grilling!

Chiles and Smoke Cookbook

Chiles and Smoke Cookbook

Ignite your grill and elevate your barbecue game with more than 65 unforgettable recipes that combine the big, bold flavors of chiles with smoke and fire.

“This book is incendiary, and I don’t just mean chili hellfire. Brad shows you how to crank up the heat at the grill and in the smoker with electrifying recipes. With vivid photos, lucid instructions, and ingenious flavor combinations, Chiles Smoke is hot, hot, hot.”

Steven Raichlen