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by Brad Prose

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Every griller has a go-to gadget or company that they use. Here are my products and resources that I regularly use for my cooking and highly recommend.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of some of these companies and I do receive compensation. My opinions are my own, and you’re welcome to ask me questions about any of these brands or their products.

Thermoworks has the best temperature monitoring products on the market.  Highly reliable.

I like Spiceology because the quality of the spices and various pre-made rubs is incredibly high. The BBQ rubs are not salty, not too sugary, and have a lot of variety.  Definitely the most variety that you’ll find out there.

My preferred source for most cuts of beef and types of seafood.  Higher end cuts that are fun to BBQ or for parties. Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with Omaha Steaks, but the opinions are my own.