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Guide to Top Sirloin, Your Super Beefy Friend.

by Brad Prose

This post is sponsored by Omaha Steaks. All opinions are my own.

Beefy, flavorful, and adaptable.

I’ve decided to start writing more guides for the different cuts of beef, such as this top sirloin. We see so many varieties and portions at the stores and butchers yet we’re still asking “What steak should I buy, and why?”

The truth is there really isn’t one steak to rule them all. The filet still seems to be the king, but rib eyes and tomahawks are starting to take over. What do you do if you want something more affordable? Smaller? Leaner? We’re going to explore all of the options over time and break it down.

Top sirloin is not the first thing you probably think of when you’re deciding which steak to buy, but it should be towards the top of your list. Let me start off by saying this is not a top sirloin steak – something you’ve likely come across in the stores. This is specifically cut the the center of a sirloin, a perfect square of intense beef ready to soak in whatever flavors your want to throw at it. These portions are about 8oz.

Note: Do NOT bother buying this if you enjoy steak Medium-Well or above. The low level of fat content will leave you with an incredibly dry bite.

Top sirloin is not a cut that I would recommend for a long overnight marinade. This isn’t beef that you’re looking to break down and tenderize too much, you just want flavor. I’ve found that these 3 methods enhance the beefy flavor the most:

  • Dry brine – salt and in the fridge for 2 hours
  • Soy marinade – 1 Tbsp in a bag for 30-60 min
  • Worcestershire marinade – 1 Tbsp in a bag for 30-60 min

You can certainly try your own methods and combos but these will each provide a slightly different flavor profile while focusing on highlighting the natural flavor. Which to use? If you’re not sure, salt is the easy way to go. Will the end result be too salty if you put a rub on after the marinade/brine? Depends on what you use, but generally no. This is a steak so Keep. It. Simple.

So… how should I cook this?

Well there’s a few methods: (1) Flame grill, (2) reverse-sear, or (3) pan sear & oven. I’ve tried them all with very different results.

Best flavor, in my humble opinion, is always live fire. Do you want to light up your grill for this? I would if you’re going to grill more food.

My second choice is pan sear and the oven. Omaha Steaks has a great guide for the timing. This method is classic, and creates an incredibly tender end result (photo shown). Pan searing is fun too because it’s another way to add additional flavors.

I’m assuming you might be surprised that reverse-searing on the smoker is my least favorite. This steak is so lean and tender. The process of smoking the top sirloin to resting temp will dry out the outside quite a bit, creating a delicious smoke ring but compromising a level of tenderness. I still enjoy it! There isn’t a bad way to cook this!

Well, now what?


Please check out this recipe for the most flavorful, savory plate of steak and let me know what you think of you try it!

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